Patented single-portion packaging for the food sector

V-Shapes is the right choice for all those who seek an innovative packaging solution in the food sector.
Regardless of the type of food to be packaged, the single-portion V-Shapes packets, with their small volume and the absence of air in the packet, will optimize storage space and ensure a longer shelf-life of the products contained.
The V-Shapes packets are fully customizable so as to attract new customers, increase brand loyalty and improve the users’ perception.
single dose packaging V-Shapes food

Before and After

To open the single-portion packet there will no longer be any need to use knives, scissors or even your teeth! Just fold it in half with three fingers. With respect to the traditional single-portion packets for foods available on the market until now, with V-Shapes users will be able to extract over 99% of the product, preventing waste and spillage of the contents in the environment, thanks to their ease of use.
V-Shapes packaging guarantees better resistance to contamination by external agents.

Eco-sustainable packaging

The innovative multilayer green technology achieved with biodegradable material 100% suitable for compost to reduce pollution, waste and, more in general, any environmental impact.

The primary V-Shapes material is suitable for compost according to EN 13432.

The single-portion V-Shapes packets are also ideal for the following sectors:

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Test of compatibility

You may be asking yourself if your product has the right characteristics for packaging in V-Shapes packets. Complete the next steps to find out!

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