Patented single-portion packaging for chemical products

Regardless of the type of chemical product to be packaged, the single-portion V-Shapes packets, with their small volume and the absence of air inside, will optimize storage space and ensure a longer shelf-life of the products contained.

Besides the innovative opening system, V-Shapes packets are fully customizable so as to attract new customers, increase brand loyalty and improve the users’ perception.

Before and After

After enjoying the experience of the new single-portion V-Shapes packets, you’ll never want to go back to the inconvenient, complicated and unhygienic package that prevents you from accessing all of the product. With respect to the traditional single-portion packets used in the chemical sector, with V-Shapes users are able to extract over 99% of the product, preventing waste and spillage of the contents in the environment, thanks to the maximum ease of dispensing the product. V-Shapes packaging also guarantees better resistance to contamination by external agents.

The Eco-sustainable package

The innovative V-Shapes packets can be made using materials that are 80% bio-based and homopolymers, recyclable according to the local regulations, guaranteeing the same shelf-life performance as traditional materials.

The single-portion V-Shapes packets are also ideal for the following sectors:

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Test of compatibility

You may be asking yourself if your product has the right characteristics for packaging in V-Shapes packets. Complete the next steps to find out!

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