The Co-Packing Service

A complete Contract Packing Service made to satisfy any request of our Customer.




  • WHY?

To allow all our Customers to experience our innovative product, if the required production is small scale or if there is a willingness on the part of the Customer to test the packaging machines and compatibility of the product before proceeding with the purchase of one of the V-Shapes packaging machine. As well as for anyone else who does not have the possibility to produce in house.

  • WHAT?

We are able to process food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical products, allowing to pack any type of liquid, semi-liquid, dense and granular product.

  • HOW?

Using only dedicated and tested plastic materials suitable for the products to be packaged and the V-Shapes machinery with an average output of 15.000 units per hour and a set up time of 30 minutes.
It is possible to choose between different sizes according to the Customer’s needs from a minimum filling volume of 0.25 ml to a maximum filling volume of 25 ml as standard production.
As for the graphics of the V-Shapes packaging, any type of layout can be printed on both the flexible top and the semi-rigid bottom, as well as the variable data (lot / expiry date) to be placed on the bottom according to the needs of the Customer.
The packages are arranged in cardboard boxes according to their size and number.
We also provide any secondary packaging services on request.
Customers can contact directly our V-Shapes Co-Packing staff to receive a quotation ad hoc respecting the individual necessities of each client.

  • WHO?

The Customer will be guided from the beginning of the project by our V-Shapes Co-Packing staff in evaluating the best size, quantity and artwork of the V-Shapes unit-dose guaranteeing the satisfaction of the Client.

Our production plants V-Shapes have highly qualified mechanical operators and technicians, supported by a team that is responsible for maintaining the mandatory and voluntary quality standards, which will satisfy the customers’ requests of the final V-Shapes product.

  • WHERE?

The Co-Packing service is guaranteed in the V-Shapes innovative production facilities which meet the requirements HACCP and is committed to increasing the quality of its services and products by maintaining the voluntary certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22001.

  • WHEN?

We ensure prompt deliveries, with our V-Shapes packaging machines that work with an average output of 15.000 units per hour and a set up time of up to 30 minutes.