Management Team

The company management consists of highly qualified professionals, skilled in different sectors of the packaging business, from engineering to processing plastic materials. This, plus the many years of experience of the company and a strong focus on innovation, made possible the development of V-Shapes® in 2018.

Corporate Governance​

In V-Shapes we are specialized in innovative solutions for the packaging world. 
The Board of Directors is composed by highly skilled professionals working in different areas of the packaging industry, from engineering to plastic material experts. This, summed to many years of experience and a strong passion in innovation made possible to create V-Shapes in 2018.

Specialists in innovation

Thanks to our team of highly specialized experts and engineers, to the strong leadership of Christian Burattini, founder and CEO of the company, and to the significant collaboration of many leading companies in the packaging sector, we developed a revolutionary technique: a single-portion packet that can be opened with one hand, called V-Shapes®.
This new technology is ideal for both liquid and powdered products, and can guarantee quality packaging of a single portion of a wide range of products, in different sizes and with a completely customizable exterior layout.
Our Honorary Chairman, Antonio Burattini, after 40 years of business in the packaging sector, stated: “It’s rare to find something that really makes a difference, and V-Shapes® is a perfect example of that rarity”.

With the machines for packaging V-Shapes®. Any single-portion package you can imagine becomes possible.

consiglio amministrazione

Management team

Christian Burattini


Jesper Gustavsson

Business Development & Founding Partner

Giorgio Montanari

Board Member

Morten Andreasen

Board Member

Francesca Lopes​

Senior Executive Assistant​

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