Innovation & Patents

At V-Shapes, we undertake to ensure that all the processes and operating procedures are protected by specific patents, to ensure that the innovation and quality of V-Shapes technology remain the property of the company.

Innovazione e brevetti V-Shapes

Patents for V-Shapes machineries

Patents for special V-Shapes sachets


The company produces machines for patented single-portion packaging, developed in collaboration with Siemens and designed to create an innovative system that can be opened with one hand. Key applications include food products, cosmetics, medicines and pharmaceutical products, as well as chemical products.

Innovative packaging

Thanks to its one-handed opening system that prevents residues of air inside the single-portion packet, and with its effective barrier properties, V-Shapes® - patented product - makes it possible to achieve excellent performance, responding to the widest possible range of needs, as well as simplifying use for everyone.

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Production method

V-Shapes machines can produce single-portion packets in various sizes and with various filling volumes, with both liquid and powdered products. The safe system of communication also enables the operators to perform maintenance activities remotely, speeding the processes.

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Liquid, viscous or powdered content. Customizable sizes and graphics of the packet

Specialized assistance and after-sales training in the use of our machines

Advanced technology, constant research and development activities. International certification