Our Mission

We want to make life easier for the consumers and give them a good experience, thanks to the easy opening and real efficiency of the V-Shapes single-portion packet. At V-Shapes, we are specialized in the development of innovative solutions for the world of packaging. We invented and patented a new idea for single-portion packaging, making it easier and more efficient with respect to the traditional single-portion packets on the market.

Our History

It all started because we wanted to create something new that would satisfy a real need we perceived on the market. V-Shapes came about thanks to an idea of the Burattini family and the desire to facilitate the consumer in opening single-portion packets using just one hand. This was the fantastic idea that came to Antonio Burattini one day, thanks to his extensive experience in the packaging sector, acquired in over 40 years of business in the field, when he came home from work one evening. It was an idea he couldn’t wait to share with his son Christian, current CEO of V-Shapes. “Christian, we have to find a way to open single-portion packets with one hand! One of my best customers in South Africa is looking for an innovative way to package his liquid soaps.”

In the grip of their enthusiasm and without hesitation, step by step, father and son began to work non-stop to give form to this original idea. Thanks to his own 20 year experience in packaging and plastic materials, Christian Burattini, threw himself into an intense work of Research & Development, to come up with the ideal solution, designed to preserve and deliver the product in a sustainable package.

Christian Burattini CEO V-Shapes




The revolutionary global solution, which consists of an easy-to-open single-portion packet that needs just three fingers, becomes a reality and is given the name V-Shapes.


Growth is positive, with sales and production increasing three-fold and the addition of new resources among the sales force and co-packers that have led to the acquisition of even more big customers. This success was possible thanks to the constant activity of Research & Development that distinguishes the company, in addition to the reliability and quality of its product.

V-Shapes 2020


In 2020, a significant program of investments, approved by the Board of Directors, has been undertaken and exceded expections tripling the turnover despite the numerous challenges posed by the emergency situation caused by Covid-19.


Great growth in terms of new excellence partners all around the world with new sales offices and co-packers in
several key areas as mid-west and Asia.
Big investments in R&D of new recyclable materials options for an improved sustainability and in printing solutions to put side by side to Alpha and Prime packaging machineries.


The world of V-Shapes

Liquid, viscous or powdered content. Customizable sizes and graphics of the packet

Specialized assistance and after-sales training in the use of our machines

Advanced technology, constant research and development activities. International certification

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