Single-portion packaging for the modern circular economy

V-Shapes is eco-friendly!

V-Shapes single-portion packaging contributes to the circular economy.
Thanks to the strategic collaboration with NatureWorks, Flo and Isap besides other important institution like Interseroh, Tuv and Tomra, we have developed several material options that make our packaging a real innovation also for the lower impact on the environment.

Nevertheless, V-Shapes is constituted by one single part, that is not detachable and dispersible while used, this means no microplastics, impossible to be recycled in our environment!

Environmentally friendly single-portion packaging

V-Shapes technology was created entirely for the purpose of using, in addition to the classical materials, recyclable homopolymers and biodegradable materials suitable for compost. In accordance with the principles of the manifesto on the circular economy published by the Ellen Mc Arthur Fundation, the materials are reusable in subsequent production cycles, reducing waste to a minimum and respecting the environment.

100% Recyclable

V-Shapes designed two new substrates, reNEW oX-100 and reNEW oX-500 with High-Barrier Capability that have been certified by Interseroh as 100% recyclable, with extremely high ratings to be detected, sorted and recycled in the industrial waste stream.

Bio-based material

The sachet, ink and adhesives are made using 60 - 80% of renewable resources, thus reducing the problem of disposal and waste management and decreasing the carbon footprint impact in the long time.

Join the revolution

V-Shapes makes life easier! With the single-portion V-Shapes packets, your clients can use any product, whether liquid or powdered, in the simplest, most practical way in the world. The packets are good-looking, convenient, hygienic and waste-preventing.

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