What are the delivery times, and how can I order the single-portion sachets?

Delivery times vary depending on the requirements of the customer, the type of production and the amounts requested. In any case, times are always agreed on with the customer when the order is confirmed. To order the sachets, just contact us, and we’ll work with you to find the best solutions to your needs.

How can I customise my sachets?

The single-portion sachets can be fully customised. V-Shapes® is able to create bespoke solutions for customers, and is able to respond to every need. Customers can choose the size of the sachet, the type of opening (which varies depending on the viscosity of the product), the amount of product to be contained in each sachet […]

Where are the co-packers located?

The co-packing service is spread all over the world. For example, our co-packers are currently located in Italy, Spain, GB, Estonia, South Africa, Thailand, Colombia and the USA. Our global network allows us to meet the requests of customers all over the world.

What does the co-packing service consist of?

The co-packing service is entirely dedicated to the creation and packaging of the innovative single-portion sachets, which can be opened with just one hand. Thanks to the creative, efficient co-packing service, bespoke solutions can be created to meet the needs of every customer. The co-packing service process covers everything from the design of the single-portion […]