Plastic material

A Service that permits our Clients to have their yearly expenditures in plastic material under control and Just in Time.




  • WHAT

We are providing the supply of plastic film material to all Customers who enter into a loan contract for the V-Shapes packaging machine;
this allows us to guarantee a high quality of the plastic materials as well as a reduction of costs per unit, which means that the costs are fixed and there will be no surprise during the duration of the contract.
The service is also available to all customers who have not chosen the loan option:
Our V-Shapes after sales team will provide them with timely quotes over time.

  • WHY?

The plastic film supply service allows Customers to receive always verified and made-to-measure material for the V-Shapes packaging machines, allowing our technicians assisting our Clients to know perfectly the functioning and characteristics of the film.

  • HOW?

The plastic film supplied includes both top and bottom material with standard EVOH barrier or ALU barrier to suit every product’s requirements.
Our clients receive their products always Just in Time and directly from us.

  • WHEN?

This service is applied for the entire duration of the loan contract (from a minimum of 1 year up to a maximum of 5 years) in order to guarantee a fixed price for the plastic material.
*Updated at the end of each year based on the platz index.

  • WHO?

Our V-Shapes team is at complete disposal of the Customer to satisfy their needs, their requests and for any clarification regarding the provision of this service.
The research and development department is constantly working on new technologies to propose new solutions and improvements in order to reduce the final costs as well as the environmental impact.

  • WHERE?

Our V-Shapes Group relies on its high qualification in the lamination of plastic materials as well as in the printing process. We provide a direct and complete service for the European market, ensuring direct control over the technical and qualitative aspects of the material supplied.
For the World market we work in close contact with the verified closest plastic material supplier.