Automatic V-Shapes packaging machine Model Alpha

With a wide range of filling volumes and different customizable layouts available, the Alpha machine for packaging single-portion packets is distinctive for its reduced size and compact modular system.

The modern design of this packaging machine hides an advanced technological heart of the latest generation.
The technology of its brushless motors and the accurate systems of dosing prevent anti-economical overfills on volumes from 0.2 ml to 38 ml.

Top Features


Filling volumes from 0.2 to 38 ml. Different packet sizes available.

Average production

Up to 16,000 unit per hour

Easy change of settings

in less than 30 minutes


Precision filling within 0.5% depending on the type of product.


The Alpha machine is the most efficient for different types of product: liquids and creams


For any sector: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, chemicals

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Technical Data

Production capacityup to 300 units/minute
Time for packet size change30 minutes
Number of packaging lines6
Dimensions and maximum weight of film reels
(Semi-rigid film for the bottom part)
(Flexible film for the upper part)
Left shaft 600mm/23.62” – 130kg/330.70 lb
Right shaft 400mm/15.75” – 50Kg/110.23 lb
Film reel consumption Up to 5000mm /min
Standard weld dimensions5 mm
Machine colourRAL 5026
Electronic partsStandard IP55, IP67 on request
Standard electronics PLC Siemens S7 1500T – other PLC or motors on request
10 SIEMENS 1FK7 brushless motors
1 asynchronous pump for filling hopper or direct dosage
“Intelligent Power Management”
Dimensions of V-Shapes packets Height from 50 to 100mm/1.969” to 3.937”
Width from 40 to 100mm/1.575” to 3.937”
Air Pressure7 bar, 600 Nl/H
Electric power28 Kwh
Weight (maximum)3000 kg / 6612lb
Machine Footprint2500mm x 2000mm x 2000mm (H)
98.42″ x 78.74″ x 78.74″
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