A powerful compact single pass Print Unit integrable with V-Shapes® packaging Machines

VS dflex reel-to-reel nearline printer takes advantage of speed and image quality from the partnership with the main suppliers like Memjet® and ColorGATE® which offer their water-based pigment inks, and advanced features and color management to realize a solution to rapidly print and package a fully customized sachet starting from the white reels of films till the final boxing in a reduced area.

The combination of world best suplliers and the V-Shapes® Alpha packaging machine allows you to have in a minimal space a LEAN production and fast delivery of V-Shapes®  unit-dose sachet with the innovative one hand opening system.

Top Features

with a peak resolution of 1600x1600 dpi at speeds up to 27,4 m/min

Direct supply of Sihl ARTYSIO® flexible packaging film for water based inkjet

Cloud connectivity, Industry 4.0

Seamlessly integrates with ColorGATE® productionserver, automatically process incoming jobs

VS dflex Printer's Technical Data

Printing colorSingle Printhead
Printing resolution1600x1600dpi or 1600x954dpi
Printing speed 27.4 m/min (90 ft/min) or 45.7 m/min (150 ft/min)
Max media width340mm / 13.4’’
Max printing width324mm / 12.75’’
Max roll diameter600mm / 23.6’’
Core size76mm / 3’’
Min substrate thickness0.05mm
Max substrate thickness0.5mm
Material supportedV-Shapes® partner compliant material, PP, PET, PS with coating
Printing platform high durability pigmented aqueous inkjet
Operating temperature20-30°C / 68-86°F, relative humidity 30-50%
Storage temperature10-40°C / 50-104°F, relative humidity 65%
Dimension 1480mm x 1650mm x 1750mm (58.3’’ x 65’’ x 68.9’’)
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