First Jesper Gustavsson Blog post

High-Quality In-Line Printing Now Available! We’re So Excited!

Jesper Gustavsson, V-Shapes Founding Partner & Business Developer told us about a latest partnership with TrojanLabel®, an AstroNova Company, to integrate the TrojanLabel T2 high-volume digital inkjet press into our V-Shapes PRIME packaging machine! You can view a video showing how this works, and we hope you will share our excitement! [video link]

This fully integrated in-line printing solution delivers high-quality 1600 dpi printing that does justice to any brand and makes the manufacturing process faster since preprints of substrates are no longer required! The TrojanLabel T2 uses food-safe water-based inks. When printing on the SIHL ARTYSIO flexible top layer of our sachets, the inks dry immediately, so there’s no slowdown in the up to 2,100 per hour sachets the PRIME can deliver.

Special thanks go to TrojanLabel and Memjet over the past year for their collaborative efforts and high-quality products and to SIHL for contributing their in-depth knowledge of substrates and coatings and how they interact with water-based inks from Memjet, whose printheads are used in the TrojanLabel T2 digital inkjet printer. Sihl not only offers a special coating that works with water-based inkjet inks, but also a multifunctional top film that, in addition to excellent printability with aqueous inkjet, also has great sealing properties to provide the best protection in along the shelf life period with barrier properties matched to the product being filled. Sihl offers films made for recycling.

Even better, we’ve worked with TOMRA, a designer of customized waste stream sorting solutions, who verified our sachets are accurately detectable as 100% polypropylene in the processing of industrial waste streams. This means they can be sorted in the waste stream for further appropriate processing, providing sustainability – an essential core value for us and for our customers.

We’re not stopping here. We’ve got lots of projects and launches in our planning in the next several months that will keep this technology and our innovation rolling forward, almost as fast as our manufacturing lines roll out sachets! So be sure to stay tuned. There’s definitely more to come!

Don’t forget to watch the video!

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