Ready to Fly

After Sales Contract Service

The After-Sales technical assistance guarantee for our V-Shapes Machinery Customers




  • WHAT?

The ready to fly service can be purchased by the companies which own a packaging machine with a loan contract, to guarantee assistance on field by a V-Shapes technical expert.

  • WHY?

To provide an adequate intervention on time, so that each customer is satisfied and does not has to face any problems without support from a qualified V-Shapes member.

  • WHO?

A technical expert involved in the design and construction process as well as factory acceptance test of the V-Shapes machine in Italy, will be at the complete disposal of the Customer, ready to fly at any time to guarantee on time assistance.

  • WHEN?

This service is guaranteed within 24 hours from the formulation of the request and available throughout the year (except for the months of August and December when the technician will guarantee his presence within 48 hours). The technician, following a written request, will be ready to fly with the first available flight to the Customer’s plant.

*to be considered as well the time of visa request where needed.

  • HOW?

The service is included in the fixed costs which are part of the contract, renewable every year;
only flight and accommodation for the technician are at charge to the Customer.
In the event, that for any reason (sickness, holidays, intervention at another customer or due to force majeure,) the technician is not available, a second technician will be available to provide assistance.
In any case, the 24-hour remote assistance service is guaranteed through the Teleassistance SINEMA Siemens

  • WHERE?

The technical expert is ready to fly anywhere in the world where a V-Shapes customer is requiring assistance for its V-Shapes packaging machinery.