Where can I find a complete unit-dose packaging solution for granular and liquid products, which can be opened using only 3 fingers?

V-Shapes is the answer!

Thanks to the exclusive patented flip-top opening system, we can size the exit of the product from the semi-rigid layer according to the granulometry of the product to be filled.

Granular products like:
Salt, sugar, sweetener, instant tea and coffee, ground herbs, instant drink mix, pharmaceutical granules, and so on can be packed with the V-Shapes opening system.

But what about Powders?
Thanks to our engineering team and our plastic material know-how, we can create the correct package to avoid electrostatic impediments, and to let the products flow out.

Then powders like:
Cocoa powder, pharmaceutical powders, milk powder, talc, spices, baking powder, chemical powders, chocolate powder, and many more are not a limit anymore but a new opportunity to use the V-Shapes technology.