servizio post vendita

After-Sales Service

A service of assistance, consisting of highly specialized experts constantly updated on the new technologies will be at your  disposal to help you deal with any need.
In the after-sales period, we set up a training process for our clients and deliver all the tools necessary to support them during the use of our machines.
Remote assistance is also available through the use of vision googles  and 3D Design without the need to physically go to the site.

Specialized training

V-Shapes offers all the technical support necessary to help and support its clients promptly. We provide simple, practical tools for training in the field, followed by expert personnel certified by V-Shapes.
Augmented and virtual reality are also used in training and maintenance. Thank to these tools we are able to train directly on the delivered packaging machine without the need to physically go to the site.

training specializzato

Remote FAT
(Factory Acceptance Test)

In V-Shapes we specialized in Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) to verify that the systems meet the requirements, bypassing the global restrictions on international travels.
After the period of restrictions dued to the anti-COVID19 safety measures we tested and succeded in managing the whole process in remote. 

From digital commissioning to FAT and after sales maintenance V-Shapes guarantes the direct intervention of an expert remotely to solve malfunctions and reactivate production as quickly as possible.

expert technician

Expert Personnel

Everywhere in the world


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The other services

servizio ricambi

Supply of spare parts

co-packing service

Co-Packaging Service

servizio fornitura materiale plastico

Supply of plastic material

Hand detergent supply

Hydroalcoholic gel supply

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