co-packing service

Co-Packing Service: single-portion packaging on your behalf

V-Shapes offers a service of single-portion packaging on your behalf, co-packing, to satisfy any request of our clients thanks to a network of co-packers all over the world.

The goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to produce single-portion packets that are fully customizable, with an innovative process.

Wide range of applications

With V-Shapes you can pack products for the widest range of goods sectors such as food, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical, and chemicals, with contents of any consistency, liquid, semi-liquid, dense and granular.

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Technical support of expert specialists

A service of assistance, consisting of highly specialized experts constantly updated on the new technologies will be at your constant disposal to help you deal with any need.
In the after-sales period, we set up a training process for our clients and provide all the tools necessary to support them during the use of our machines.
Our V-Shapes production plants can count on specialized operators and mechanics with the highest qualifications, supported by a team responsible for maintaining our mandatory quality standards, in order to ensure the quality required of the final V-Shapes product. The team of V-Shapes Co-Packers will advise and recommend the best solution for the end customer.




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