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V-Shapes partners with a wide range of specialist in the packaging industry, from global powerhouse focusing on automation and digitalization to software and technology integrators to design customized solutions to keep on innovating both looking at material’s research and technologies on machineries.


This excellence network of international partners is at the service of our customers to accomplish the complete packaging process and material supply, eliminating the need to outsource critical aspect like the choice of the correct materials and printer.

Partner V-Shapes

Innovative inkjet printhead technology and aqueous inks deliver beautiful precision, simplicity and affordability.

NatureWorks is a global biotechnology company using plants to turn greenhouse gases like CO2 into the biopolymer we call Ingeo.

ARTYSIO Packaging

ARTYSIO is a unique flexible packaging film which can be printed individually, quickly and in small quantities with aqueous inkjet

Making the difference in the Packaging Industry. Together with our customers with competence and a complete mix of solutions.

ColorGATE enables amazing and consistent print quality and color in industrial digital print!


specialist for color printing technology and innovative specialty printing systems.

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    Liquid, viscous or powdered content. Customizable sizes and graphics of the packet

    Specialized assistance and after-sales training in the use of our machines

    Advanced technology, constant research and development activities. International certification