servizio fornitura materiale plastico

Supply of packaging material

With V-Shapes it will be really easy to keep annual expenses for plastic material under control. We are direct and sole suppliers for the plastic film used in the machines for producing V-Shapes.

This enables us to guarantee to all the clients who stipulate a
V-Shapes contract with us a high quality of plastic materials and a reductions of costs per unit, which means that costs are fixed and there won’t be any surprises for the duration of your contract.

The finest quality

The supply of packaging film includes all the material for the front and back of the packet with barrier in both EVOH standard and ALU to satisfy the different requisites for every product. Thanks to the partnership with SIHL and their in-depth knowledge of functional films for aq-inkjet we are able to offer materials granting great interaction with V-Shapes’ machinability and packaging process. With ARTYSIO range, Sihl provides solutions for recyclable polypropylene substrates. In addition to the excellent printability in aqueous inkjet, Sihl materials offer outstanding sealing properties to provide the best protection with barrier properties tailored to the filled product.

fornitura materiale plastico

How does it work?

This service is applied for the entire duration of the contract of loan (from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5) in order to guarantee a fixed price for the plastic material*.
* Updated at the end of every year based on the Platz index.

We supply a direct and complete service for the European market, guaranteeing direct control of the technical and qualitative aspect of the material supplied.

direct vendor

Certified Materials

Availability 24/7

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