servizio ricambi

Supply of spare parts

V-Shapes guarantees the spare parts for the automatic packaging produced machines.
V-Shapes packaging machines are built using 80% standard parts available on the market, which means that it is extremely fast to obtain spare parts promptly whenever clients need them.
We want all our customers to have the best assistance, guaranteeing rapid supplies of replacement materials and reducing work stoppages to a minimum.


Always at your side

At any time, our after-sales service team will be able to supply replacement parts with the most rapid delivery time. Our team specialized in after-sales service is always available to guarantee the best service for your machine.

servizio ricambi

Standard Parts

Availability 24/7

Everywhere in the world

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The other services

servizio post vendita

After Sales

co-packing service


servizio fornitura materiale plastico

Supply of plastic material

Hand detergent supply

Hydroalcoholic gel supply

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