The single-portion solution that makes life easier

V-Shapes has invented the easiest way in the world to open its single-portion packet. Until yesterday it took both hands to open one, with the consequent risk of soiling, spilling the contents and wasting the part that always remains in the packet.
Now all that is only a bad memory. Thanks to the use of just three fingers, the packet opens easily and will be ready for use, without any soiling and without having to use scissors or even your teeth as aids to get it completely open.
It’s the new way to open the packages with just three fingers, folding the packet in half!


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Patented technology

An innovative single-portion package with a patented opening system. It's the new way to extract over 99% of the product, without waste and spillage, thanks to the maximum ease of delivery.

Ideal for several sectors

Perfect in a wide range of fields of applications, such as: foods, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical products and chemicals, for either liquid or powdered content.


The innovative V-Shapes sachets can be made using materials that are 80% bio-based and homopolymers, recyclable according to the local regulations, guaranteeing the same shelf-life performance as traditional materials.

Resistant to breakage

Thanks to their particular solid, long-lasting structure, the packet is safe and impact-resistant.

100% customizable

The client can decide the size, the type of aperture and the graphic layout, so as to attract new customers, increase brand loyalty and improve the users’ perception.

Logistic advantages

The compact shape of the packets makes storage more efficient, cutting logistics costs and reducing bulk.

The single-portion sacket that can be opened with one hand

V-Shapes makes life easier! With the practical single-portion V-Shapes packet, your customers can use any product with greater ease, in either liquid or powdered form. The packets are convenient, hygienic and waste- preventing.

3D configurator

See how your custom single-portion packet looks with the V-Shapes configurator. In a few easy steps you can see your finished product, with your logo and graphic design. Try the 3D configurator!

Customize your single-portion packet

Choose the most effective size for your product from the different dimensions and filling volumes. The single-portion V-Shapes packets are distinguished for their ease of opening, their small, compact size and fully customizable layout.

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