Spare Parts

V-Shapes guarantee on Spare Parts for the V-Shapes Alpha and Genesys packaging machine models.




  • WHAT?

Our V-Shapes packaging machines are by 80% composed by commercial parts, this means it is extremely easy to get spare parts on time whenever Customers need them.

  • WHY?

We want all our Customers to enjoy the best assistance, ensuring the supply of quality spare parts quickly, reducing inconvenient production stops to its minimum.

  • WHEN?

At any time, our V-Shapes After Sales Team can supply the spare parts to his Customers with short delivery time.

  • WHO?

Our specialized V-Shapes After Sales Team is always available offering the best and fastest service.

  • WHERE?

We have our fully automated Storage Area in Italy, storing spare parts (engines, electricals, blades…), ensuring availability of the spare parts in time which can be shipped all over the world.

  • HOW?

Providing high quality spare parts through our qualified suppliers.
Note that if for any reason, something is broken for Customer’s fault and it is not covered by the standard guarantee, the part will be substituted for free up to € 1.000,00 value.
Example: if the part’s cost is of € 1.800,00, the cost for the Customer is of € 800,00.