Is after-sales technical support provided?

Yes, V-Shapes provides a dedicated after-sales service, with highly specialised technicians who are constantly updated on the new V-Shapes packaging and printing technologies, able to deal with any emergency. After a V-Shapes machine is sold, a training course is activated – also by remote learning – for our customers’ technicians, providing them with all the […]

Are there any integrated printing and packaging solutions?

Thanks to our collaboration with leading players in the world of packaging and digital printing, such as Memjet® and Astronova®, V-Shapes® has created Alphaflex, a packaging machine that combines, in a single system, all the packaging experience of V-Shapes® with the high-quality digital printing solutions offered by Memjet. At the same time, and in the […]

Do the V-Shapes machines have patented technology?

“V-Shapes® produces machines for single-portion sachets that are unique in terms not only of their innovative one-hand opening method, but also of the patented micro-incision technology applied on the bottom layer of the sachet. Both the pre-cutting and shaping stages are protected by a patent; discover all the V-Shapes® patents on the dedicated page. This […]

How is the preservation guaranteed of the product contained in the single-portion sachets?

Preservation of the product contained in the V-Shapes single-portion sachets is guaranteed thanks to the careful choice and use of packaging materials suitable for the particular product. V-Shapes® has a wide range of materials with different characteristics for the packaging of the sachets, and these materials will be chosen based on the product the sachet […]